Solved Keyring is so annoying!! The destruction of key ring

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Jan 4, 2019
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Anyways here is a way to get rid of it or install it.
So frustrating to deal with ...

Anyways here is a way to get rid of it or install it.
So frustrating to deal with ...
Can you explain why you are frustrated? Can you add details or examples?

I have been using Linux Mint as my regular Linux desktop for a few months and noticed this thread when it appeared this morning. I checked my installation, and linuxmint-keyring is installed by default. According to the description from the "apt" command, it contains the digital keys needed to validate the digital signatures on software releases (and updates too, I presume).

Validating the digital signatures on packages before they are installed or updated seems important to me. I am trying to figure out what could be frustrating about a package containing trusted public keys for digital signature checking. I hope you add more.
It kept popping up wanting a new password I put a new password in and it still kept popping up.
It was just annoying so I got rid of it and shared how to do it.
I experienced the incessant 'popping up' in brave browser when I first installed it

I followed the blurb here :

....and it eventually sorted itself out.

I agree....frustration reigned !!

Obviously, if you are still experiencing this now, then the initial problem still exists. I think It had something to do with a shortcoming from the ubuntu camp.
Not a problem for me anymore.
So I started using one of my portable computers because its easy to pack up and go.
Forgot the passwords to root and my log in before that happened so that was fun to work around lol!
Now we are in good shape plus I learned somethings I didn't know before . Linux always keeps me interested.

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