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Discussion in 'General Computing' started by miks, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. boyce

    boyce Guest

    In window you can easily detect any keylogger installed in your computer by using any antivirus.AVASt is antivirus that can detect any such program and keylogger in your computer.

  2. mishell

    mishell Guest

    • Check the task list by press ctrl+alt+del in windows. Examine all the tasks running, if you unsure of a task look it up on a search engine.
    • Use the system configuration utility to determine which task are loaded at start-up (type "msconfig" in the run box to start).
    • Run your antivirus checker, it's possible this will pick up the Keylogger on your system.
    • Scan your hard disk for the most recent files stored. Look at the contents of any files continually updating (these might be logs).
    • Download a specific keylogger detector program, and see if it detects anything.
    • Run Spybot S&D, this program checks for some known keyloggers.
  3. ljepilo

    ljepilo Guest

    Ow this is a tutorial , thanks buddy ! :)
  4. mishell

    mishell Guest

    I am glad it helps you.

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