Just need some input

Granny Sue

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I tend to get on the computer, work for awhile and then go off and do something else, leaving all my windows and tabs open . But I realized after being on the forum for awhile, that if I saw a particular person was onsite, I would expect them to answer me within 5 minutes or so. But then I realized that perhaps the person wasn't 4eally onsite, perhaps they walked away, like I do. So what I want to know is: do you guys sign out all the time or do you click the hide button? Or do you just now worry about it?


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I never leave any login / logon open and I logoff / logout when I'm done takes but a few seconds to login / logon again.


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I lock my computer when I'm away for a short period (taking a coffee...). This is a good habit to take especially when working in an office (Use the "windows"+L shortcut).
When I move away for a longer period I usually shut the machine down.

When it comes to login on websites, well I don't really care since I got all my cookies erased frequently. I also tend to close unused tabs. I hate having hundreds of them.

The only websites that I try to always logoff after using are the ones that a known to track their users. This is not my first defense line but its part of the global stategy.


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I normally login and reply to any questions that my input may help someone and read some questions posed and the replies it attracts just to learn then stay logged in and go to other sites or look for information through Google search. Come back every so often and refresh the page to see if there are any red numbers near the bell and look to see what they are.
Logoff when I am exiting the net all together.