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Apr 28, 2017
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Hello, I'm a computer geek wanting to learn more about Linux and such. Being only 14, I've built multiple computer systems in the past couple years. I am an eager teen (not much of those anymore, sadly) I love to learn and I'm on my computer as much as I can be. I really enjoy this website because it's "new" and has a nice setup. I used to help out at my friend's website/blog until he ran out of funding to keep it up. Just wanted to put myself out there and say "Good Luck" to this site and all of the people maintaining it, nice work with it. :p

Welcome aboard, Mate. We need all the geeks we can get:D:D. Let the journey begin.:)
Welcome! We are glad to have young and old alike here. (And that's good for me too, because I'm getting old fast! :eek::D)

Have you picked a favorite Linux distribution yet?
Welcome. I hope you keep enjoying and stick with it. Its a great time to be in tech :)

It is a small but pretty tight-knit community here so feel free to join in or ask any questions you may run in to.

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