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Software to use:
Linux command line: epic (look here), ircii, google for others
Linux GUI: xchat, pidgin, google for more
Windows: mirc, pirch, pidgin, google for more
Mac: erm.. pidgin?

My nickname on there is "kprojects". Come by and hang out!
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Touche :)

Name's suffixed with "ehansen" on there, so come join!
For people that don't wanna download a client or new to Irc they could use or

It runs straight through through the browser. So it doesn't matter what os you are using.
It looks like me and xxghostxx hang out there often.. I didn't see anyone else so long time since last year... lol... My fave IRC client is always the cli's Irssi & Weechat on desktop besides Android IRC on my phone :)
IRC channels seem to always be low activity. :(

Anyway, weechat is king.
Would like to join. Must learn how to install a linux distro. Not yet successful. Have just changed the firmware from UEFI to BIOS. have restarted and, voilà! blank dark screen is staring at me saying "Operating system not found". Yes! what next?
Burn a few "live DVD" distros to see what appeals to you, boot/run them for a little while, then install one!

Not sure how you "changed firmware" but BIOS is much easier to work with. Running Linux on UEFI is easier on some brands of computers than others, but it is possible to run on just about all of them.
Thanks. don't exactly know either. Windows got disabled. There were several tabs. One allowed to change from UEFI to BIOS. I find that if I press any key on the OS not found screen with either a USB or a DVD mounted I get an Intel UNDI the bottom of which reads:
Leading me to think my DVD / is not burned and does it have to?
Try starting a new thread for your problem rather than continuing in this one. Let us know what brand computer you have, whether desktop or laptop, and any details that got you to where you are now. I'll watch for your new post to see if I can help.
acer aspire, intel core i5. Now windows backup brought back windows os and all windows files back. Square 1. USB is being downloaded to laptop.
you have this computer. Only windows opens. its files are saved / don't need them. want to use linux. what's next?
Again, please start a new thread for your problem and we will work on it there. This thread is about another topic (IRC chat) and we should not hijack this thread. Click Forums at the top of the page, then scroll down and choose the most appropriate category (Desktop/X or Laptops/Netbooks)... then click the button at the top for "Post New Thread" to begin.
I join the IRC channel, but it seems the activity there is low.

IRC channel? Ryan told me about it...

I tried once before, a long time ago, but I could not find anyone online. It was like an empty old telnet server/host from back in the day. I will try again soon. I'd like to hit @Eric Hansen up some time I usually like his articles, and usually have a question, as well as everyone's articles. :)

Now this thread has been returned to the original topic.