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hello all. i am inspired by my son , who is an IT guy. he put me onto linuix. i dont really know what it is and how to use it but want to start some any help is welcome. i do not know anything besides windows 10 type GUI stuff

ps i am a biker and just bought a ras pi 3


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Hi Aditya, and welcome to the site! There are some tutorials here on this site (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced) and there is a wealth of information here in the various articles and forums. YouTube is another good source as it is often helpful to watch a video instead of reading "how to do something". And there are even more Linux training website, some for free or some that cost money. Plus your son can give you good hands-on advice too if he is near enough to visit you.

The Raspberry Pi can itself be a very good introduction to Linux as there are a number of Linux systems that run on the Pi. Try out different ones and let that be your experimental machine for awhile. It is quite capable for such a small device.

There is no "Chapter 1" or "Start Here" place to direct you. Everything you begin seems to jump into the middle for awhile, but it gets better. The best thing is to run a Linux system... on a Pi, or on an old spare computer, or in a virtual machine in Windows, or even just to boot and run on a DVD or USB stick. Once you start to run it, explore it, find out out how to install software and how to update the system... then you have begun the journey. It may be frustrating at times, but its also fun to learn new things.

If you have questions, open a new thread in one of the forums (Getting Started, or General Linux) and we will try to help you along. Good luck!



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What he said and welcome @adityarajkapoor :)

If you include eg "Raspberry Pi" early in your Subject Title, people whom may be able to assist (& for me, learn) will be better able to zero in.




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Welcome aboard mate! The simple answer is that you use it the same way that you would use Windows:eek:. One of the best advantages to new users, is that most installations come with a full office suite included in the same bag. That is extreeee with that other operating system (MUCHO dinarra!). The biggest difference that new users, weaned on Windows, discover is that it does not use drive letters like C:\, D:\, etc, but that is not a really big deal.

So, tell us if you are running it on just the Pi or a desktop system also. What installation, or flavour, are you running? Ubuntu, Salix, Slackware? Feel free to ask questions, and don't forget to have fun.:D

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