issues related to testing linux distros online


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Recently i tested various linux distros online using website "" on my laptop. Instead being fast , They all ran slow. What was the reason? Is it because of internet connection being slow or my system? Sys Config: 4 GB RAM , intel core i3-6006U 2GHz


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G'day Meh and Welcome to

I remember using that site a few years ago....and the results were seriously frustrating....slow as a wet week !!

So...its not just you experiencing that sort of slowness

Personally I download any distro I am interested in and 'burn' it to a thumb drive, and then boot my pc to the thumb drive.

I just did this with MX Linux 19 ....and the results are seriously impressive. Intuitive, fasttttt.....and includes more than i thought it would right from scratch.


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Yeah, Meh, that website's probably good only to see what each of the different Linux desktops looks like. With a site like that, you're sending all kinds of data over the interent. If your connection or thiers isn't big enough to handle it, and depending on the technology they're using, you're likely going to have a big bottleneck causing time issues. If you want to try it before you buy it (just a saying, Linux is free), then you should do as Condobloke suggests, download 1, or a few, install to a pen drive, boot to it and play around. There are distros made specifically for that, like Knoppix, but you can install any distro to a pen drive. Just FYI, they'll likely run a little slower this way than they would by installing to an actual hard drive, but they'll be lightyears faster than trying to run it over the internet like you're experiencing with that website.

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