Issue with linux inside docker container. Works on one windows 10 machine but not on another?


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Hi, I'm getting the error below when i try to build a docker image. It works on one machine but not on another, both using same docker version and host operating system.
I think its a Linux issue... does anyone have any ideas whats going on or have a away for me to get more info on the problem.. it literally just says "error exiting command".

Thanks for any help given

Here is simple dockerfile

It is failing on the line where it pipes wget output into bash...

It just exits with no reason given
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Hi thanks for the reply.

Its the same OS.. Windows 10. Different hard ware. The one its failing on is an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920x. and the one it works is an i7. Do you think it could be that?

I found the part it fails on and found a work around.

Inside the setup_10.x for node.js it installs lsb-release.

It fails first time and then succeeds the second time.

Here is the working docker for both systems, notice the two run calls to lsb-release

Any help would be appreciated, its really bugging me and obviously its a bit of a hack..


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