Is Ubuntu save?


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Just a question that remains unasked:

Have you enabled the firewall on your Ubuntu?

If not, go to Terminal (Ctrl-Alt-t) and type in the following and press Enter

sudo ufw enable
You will be prompted for your password, when you type it in there will be no movement (security), but when entered, you will be rewarded with a message that your firewall has been enabled, and that a small script has been generated which will run every time you start the computer.

Between this safeguard, and having a firewall on your (modem-)router, many Linux users do not feel a need to install AV software, myself included.


Chris Turner


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I run Linux Mint 18.3.....which is a derivative of Ubuntu
In the time I have run Linux, I have never encountered any malware/behaviour etc etc that has made me wish I had an AV installed

At one time, I did install clamav , and instantly regretted it. Poor performance, unstable/weird behaviour......I uninstalled Linux mint and started afresh with a clean install.....and have never regretted that decision.

I do realise that the first thing a windows user will look for is some form of protection....av etc etc

1. enable firewall

2. Make your browser safe (malwearebytes have an addon which will protect you from adds/clickbait/malware/scams.......HERE )

3. Practice safe browsing.

Enjoy your Linux/Ubuntu/whichever distro you happen to have......without the 'drag' of an av.

I cannot give an opinion about apparmour. Others may help here re its effectiveness/effect on system etc etc


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Please guys what linux OS is best used as a host OS?
@arabmoni, your question is not related to the topic of this thread. Please open a new thread to ask your questions, and we will try to answer you there. The "General Linux" forum or the "Getting Started" forum would both be a good place for you to begin. Thanks!

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