is there any free lecture about Linux?



I posted one week ago to know some good sites to learn Linux and one recommend me to

visit one site but it's not free.

i can't afford expensive lecture he suggested like $2000 USD

If you know some good website for newbie Please let me know.

Thanks .



Not a lecture, but nonetheless a great way to learn Linux...

In Learn Linux The Hard Way you will be taken down the rabbit hole that's the command line.

It is not as difficult as the title may suggest, though. You don't even have to install Linux to do your exercises. There's a JavaScript virtual machine with JSLinux running right in your browser. This enables you to create and modify files and do everything you need to complete your course.

You start out with the basics and gradually advance through the well documented lessons. When you've completed the course you will have a good picture of what Linux is and why it's so powerful.

That said. It's not a beginners course either. According to the main page, the typical audiences are:
  1. Aspiring system administrators who are interested in UNIX-like systems.
  2. Programmers, because a good programmer should know now to manage the system he is programming for.
  3. People who want to try something new and to understand what this ”UNIX way” is all about.
Have fun!


That link you posted out there was actually very great..i any one reads that from top to bottom...the person will definitely get to know a lot about Linux..

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