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Is it worth adding a 2GB card (RAM), performance-wise?


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Mar 28, 2023
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My desktop computer with Linux installed of course, has 6GB of RAM, I have an empty slot to add a 2GB card. Is it worth adding a 2GB card, performance-wise?

Yes it will make a small improvement in processing speed, but you may not notice, but as RAM is cheap at the moment I would go for it [just make sure you get the same type as already installed
agreed, the 2G will be a marginal increase in performance but better to have it. If you want real performance increase, switch to M.2 or SSD
The more the better and the more multi-tasking you can do...why add just 2GB...my Tower has 16GB of Ram.
Can you take out the 6gb and install a 16gb stick ?

if you were to do that and install a ssd, the desktop would flyyyy
if your system hits swap, you can use zram or zswap. This will further help system with low RAM.
My HP desktop rig originally came with just 4 GB DDR4. Over the course of the first 12 months, this gradually increased up to its max; it now has 32GB. This all helped enormously.....but as others have said, the biggest performance increase will come from swapping the internal HDD for an SSD (in my case, Toshiba HDD -> Crucial SSD).

That made a HUGE difference.....but in "Puppy's" case, it's only noticed at boot-time, since she runs the session fully in RAM (which is a magnitude faster still, although the newest NVMe drives - with the Phison controller - are now approaching RAM speeds).

I'm content with 500MB/s read + 350MB/s write. That'll do me, since Puppy does everything in the RAM-based virtual file-system, and only saves at shutdown.


If you've got the room for another stick, go for it; it certainly won't hurt. Me, I'd bite the bullet and take @Condobloke 's recommended route (if your budget will stretch to it); buy the largest kit your motherboard supports, and upgrade the lot.

It's a little bit of "future-proofing", and will help to extend your machine's usable life-span. It's an unfortunate fact of life, but all software steadily increases in size as time goes by.....so the more 'room' you have to accommodate it, the better. Most manufacturers tend to supply decent CPUs OOTB, but then spoil it by skimping-out on the other essential componenets.

Mike. ;)
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I forgot to mention that I have an HP Pavillon (a little dated) as a desktop computer and the RAM card is DDR3
(the funny thing is that shipping costs more than the RAM card :))
Thank you guys
for the interesting and useful suggestions!
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HP Pavillon
mine is a HP Prodesk from around 2015, I upped the ram to 8gb [plenty for me] but I also fitted an M2-NVMe using a PCIe adaptor now that has made the world of diffrence

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