Is HP Pavilion 15-cc115tu compatible to use linux mint?

Is HP Pavilion 15-cc115tu compatible to use linux mint?

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Hello @Sheikh Shofikul Islam and welcome !
Linux are able to work with all machines out there, even the most demanding distribution of Linux.
If you ever want to check your machine’s possibilities download and use a virtual box.
In there you can run as many distros of Linux you like and then you can continue with installation of your taste.


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Really there no substitute for a a actual test drive. Just plug and test away with a boot able USB stick.

But what about for those of us who needs to replace or even build a PC? How can we be sure that the parts and/or PC will "play nice" with Mint before you totally lose it?


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G'day Sheikh and welcome to :) Are you really a Sheikh?

If your lappie (laptop) is similar to this one

... then the simple answer is "Yes".

I would put Persistence on a USB stick, then you can try Mint and save changes to the stick, whereas without Persistence you cannot.

From Windows, either of
... will provide that for you.


Chris Turner

BTW Unetbootin says Persistence only available for Ubuntu but it works with Mint.


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Hmm the model you just mentioned isn't bad at all .Do you have the I5 model? Or i version which is the dual Core? Either way Linux mint will be able to run on both laptops( hardware) and you shouldnt feel any lag after the installation is done .
With that said , assuming you aren't that fimiliar with Linux in general I would suggest you use a software called UsbInstaller(mentioned above) .It's a simple tool to create bootable drives .The above post mentions Bootin tool as well and it works(almost) exactly the same but I notice a slight diffierence between both the tools when I use them so you can test both and see which you like .
1) Create bootable USB OR Burn to a disc
2) Boot to flash or Disk
3) Install from media .If you have an internet connection all the better .
Don't forget to update/upgrade your machine (Sudo Apt-get update , then apt-get upgrade) .
Sorry for my English and also for the late response .I'm pretty new here

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