Is "Computer" a directory or what is it?



One of the things that has confused me a little bit about linux distributions is the "computer" tab, located in nautilus, the default file manager for the main distros such as Ubuntu. When you click on "Computer", you see all of the folders that are standard for the operating system: root, usr, proc, boot, home, etc. (and ect...hahaha...). Is there a way to get this same view by changing to a directory in the terminal, with all of the OS folders visible? The closest i can get to that is hitting "cd /" and then hitting "ls", but the root directory is not listed because you are in the root directory...

Is "Computer" a psuedo-directory like windows has? What exactly is a psuedo-directory?

Install "tree".
cd /

Beware, this will show you thousands of directories and files.

The other option is just to use "ls".
cd (directory name)
cd (subdirectory name)
keep repeating until you get where you want.
cd .. to go back a directory (..) means parent directory.. or go back up a directory.
/ is the top directory.
Also known as the "root" directory, which is a little confusing, because many distro;s also have a "/root"
directory which is the home directory for the root user.
With a command like 'ls -la', the / folder is represented and listed - it's just a '.' however.
The downside to something like gobo, is that it's like appImage.

The good news is... no package dependency hell.
The bad news is... you may have the same dependencies loaded for every package dozens of times.

But they say hard drive space is cheap.. apparently whoever said that hasn't priced m.2 nvme drives lately.

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