Is CMake part of Android Studio?


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Apr 29, 2022
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Is CMake part of Android Studio? When I tried to do a Gradle Sync in Android Studio, I got an error that the CMake is too early a version and I need to update it. But I get this error even if I uninstall CMake. This tells me that CMake must be embedded somehow in Android Studio. So, how can I fix this? Please help.

This happens even if I remove cmake from the command line. So it seems that cmake is embedded into Android Studio. So how do I update cmake if it is part of Android Studio somehow?

When running the Gradle Sync command in Android Studio I get an error message that the CMake is outdated and I need to download a later version.


Your images do not work. If they're images of text, just post the text inside code tags - if you can.

I'm not actually sure if anybody here knows much about Android Studio. Android is only Linux by the barest of definitions - as in, it has a Linux kernel. It's an old, heavily modified kernel.

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