IRC: Epic5 w/ Lice



When I used text based / console IRC back in the day (1996ish?) I used to use Epic or BitchX. It's good to know you can still get Epic and that its still in development! It's up to version 5 now and all of the fancy key binds are coming back to me.. wish I still had my .ircrc from back then though!

Grab Epic5 at or apt-get epic5 (I'm not sure if there is a yum repo that has it..)

After you download Epic, you'll want to grab Lice also - a script for Epic that makes it better... You can grab that at

Afterwards, connect to efnet and join #lice! You can do so by typing:
epic5 nickname

(replacing nickname with your own). Note that tjh on there is pretty helpful - and I'm guessing the current maintainer of lice.

To join #lice simply type /j lice after it connects.

Once you're in a channel you can join an additional channel by typing /j otherchannel (obviously, replace 'otherchannel' with the channel name you want to join)

You're now in two channels and will see output from both in the same screen. If you wanted to type into one, toggle the channel input by using ctrl-x. You'll see the channel names switch.

Want to connect to an additional server?

ctrl-w s

This will give you a prompt to connect to another server. It will open in another screen - then swap back and forth between the screens using: ctrl-w '

More help on screen binds type: /help --> binds --> screen

Hope you have fun with it - i'm having a blast trying to remember all the ctrl-keys!


Just wanted to add.. you can split the screen also..

/window new

Then, cycle between that and the bottom one by hitting ^w

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