Introduction to Bash for new linux users.

Aug 13, 2022
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You can use crosh, or the linux terminal on your device. Use ctrl alt T for crosh, or just open up bash. Some basics are.

The echo command is basically print, anything behind it will be inputted. For example,
echo "hello world" bash will input hello world.
Now what if we want to write variables? we can try something like this,
echo$MyVar1 ; $MyVar1="9" ; echo$MyVar1
this will input 9 because we are echoing MyVar which equals 9.
if you want to open your directory which shows your files, this is how,
echo$MyDirectory ; My Directory ; ls ;
which opens your directory
That's all you need to know, you can ask others for more things, these are just things you should know before coding in bash.

You can also try typing in battery_test which tells you your exact battery, or job_spec (note that it works on older versions of bash)