Integrate Ubuntu with Windows Active Directory


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May 7, 2019
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The profiles of the computers need to be provided by the Linux server, we have to make sure that is linked with the Active Directory of the Windows server. And the home folders of the users are supposed to be supplied by the Windows server.

Can anyone tell me what i need for this, or if there is a program that can do this?

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My company uses Vintela for AD integration. We only use it for login rights on the Linux servers. Not sure what you'd need for home directory setup. There appears to be a lot of info on Vintela here

thnx for the help, but it's not really what we need...

The workstation is authenticating via the Windows Server, the Windows Server provides the user's home directory, and the profile is on the Linux server.
I don't know that Windows will support Linux home drives. Until recently MS hasn't wanted to work with Linux, basically, at all. In order to get it to, you have to use third party software. I'm not saying there isn't a solution for you that does both authenticate and provide a home drive, but you may need to combine several technologies to get it to work. What you can do, and there may be plenty of more options or better options is this:
Use Windows for authentication and use NIS and NFS for home drives on Linux. This link looks like it has everything you need in order to do the home drives.
hope this helps.

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