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raman kumar

Aug 3, 2020
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I want to install PLUTO astrophysical simulation code in my Manjaro Linux. Please help me how to do install it. I am using Zsh shell.

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The link linked to a page with this notice:

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The issue is most likely with the website, and there is nothing you can do to resolve it.
The link linked to a page with this notice:
It must be temporary SSL issue, it works fine here now.

The source code is available at bitbucket:

You'll need git to clone it:
git clone

Then cd into downloaded directory and build it by running
cd ./pluto*

Actual build instructions are in the readme file:
No, I need to install it completely and not only self gravity patch. I have downloaded PLUTO in "/home/raman/pluto-4.4-patch2/PLUTO" . You need to click on Downloads icon and then fill some information and click submit button.
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System requirements

Depending on the desired configuration (serial/parallel, static/AMR) different system requisites must be satisfied in order to compile and run PLUTO. These consist of a minimal set plus additional libraries:

  • Minimal prerequisites: C Compiler, GNU make, Python
  • Parallel builds: MPI library
  • AMR: Chombo library, C++ compiler, Fortran compiler, HDF5 library

This appears to be c/c++ source code.

You will have to compile it and install it. You will need to install all of the gnu/gcc or Clang/LLVM development tools.
( make, awk, sed, autoconf, automake, bison, gfortran, mp4, gcc. g++, flex, python3-devel, ) etc...

I haven't used Manjaro in quite a long time, but usually a distro has a suite to install dev tools something like..

sudo apt install build-essentials or dnf install "C Development Tools and Libraries".

Doing this is fairly advanced stuff.
After you get the code downloaded, you usually do a configure.. ( i.e. ./configure dir=/usr/local )
then you usually run make. Then usually you run make install.

Then installation instructions appear to be here.

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The 'Read Me' file should give you all the details you need for the compilation.

Pluto is in the Arch User Repository under the name plutolang.

This package includes the pluto and plutoc executables, shared library, as well as headers for developers (#include <pluto/...>).

Pluto is in the Arch User Repository under the name plutolang.

Is this the astrophysics pluto ? Or the lua CLI pluto ?

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