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Installing Oracle DB 11g on Oracle Enterprise Linux

Discussion in 'Database' started by kolaq32, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. kolaq32

    kolaq32 Guest

    I need some assistance as regarding installation of oracle DB 11gr2 on oracle enterprise linux.
    I ve followed all the procedures but i always get somenetwork failure errors and failed packages errors.
    please kindly assist me with this.

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  2. yezrach

    yezrach Guest

    are you planning to use streams in your DB?
  3. what favor of linux do you use? because I have the same issue, and is it the .rpm package you are trying 11g to install with? if so, alien won't do it, alien with '-f' force switch fails too. Also, this (11g) is much compiled for x64 bit linux OS's, but again here:

    Remove the star\*s, because I have 5 posts to post, before issuing links.
    So in your next post, please include your version, do this on your CLI:

    uname -a

    and send me back the details.
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  4. iwebsurfer

    iwebsurfer New Member

    Jun 22, 2018
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