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Ian Marsteller

Hello. I'll start off with that I have never used Linux.

My questions are; which version should install onto a flash drive, how do start a computer with Linux without running another OS, and will be able to access my hard drive while using Lunix?

Links are appreciated! :)



"which version should install onto a flash drive"
"how do start a computer with Linux without running another OS and will be able to access my hard drive while using Lunix"

That's a big, almost impossible ask. On this page: ...there are 309 Linux LiveCDs. Most of them should work from USB. Occasionally a USB stick will not work because the computer will look for a disk in the CD-Rom

The "best" best distro is the one YOU like and suits YOUR computer. That's for you to know and not for us to tell you.

Generally start here:

For guidance about what is popular look at: (The table down on the right "Page Hit Ranking". - Stay away from Arch because it's more for experts not beginners).

Many distros will allow you to access your hard drive.

To run from a USB stick you need to make sure the BIOS/Boot Order will boot from the USB first, before the Hard drive.

Sorry if this is initially vague, question almost too wide. If you need further help do come back.


Just a suggestion, but look at distros that are designed for Live use. For example KNOPPIX.
As for Arch. I am currently using it and LOVING IT. Yes, it is for more advanced users so if you are not used to Linux don't start their. If you want a feel for Arch try ArchBang but it is not really true to the Arch way. I am afraid this is more personal choice then TRY THIS OR THAT. However I am glad that another person is going to try Linux.

I personally also recommend Oz Unity and for more of a "Hard core" system Ultimate Edition. Both are based on Ubuntu and have some of the best support forums ever. (Including me.) Oz Unity in particular is designed for users who are new to Linux.

But not to sound like spam, any number of remixes are designed for new users. I just recommend Oz Unity the most. Hope you try it!;)


linux is a bit typical to use for the newcomers i always find it difficult to use it a while


i have downloaded Live CD of Kubuntu from torrent during the download i found that hashfails, what it means of hashfails? shall i use the hashfailed Live CD or not, plz suggest me, thanking you.


The hash...the hash is a string of gobbledegook characters in the .torrent file that the client uses to verify the data that is being transferred. It contains information like the file list, sizes, pieces, etc. Every piece received is first checked against the hash. If it fails verification, the data is discarded and requested again. The 'Hash Fails' field in the torrent General tab shows the number of these hash fails.

Why don't you try a different torrent downloader. Do not use an image that has a bad hash. Unless you can confirm the MD5SUM. If they are the same then you are good. You really don't want to run Linux from a bad image. Bad things start to happen...........


Hi Which version to choose is upto you but I would prefer to use Ubuntu latest version.I can guide you how to create a live usb drive for the linux. Using this USB you can boot your system without the help of another OS in your system. Its quite easy to create.
For this you need
1. An USB
2. An ISO version of the linux (UBUNTU).
Now if it is UBUNTU than the way of creating the live USB is easy if you are having pre install UBUNTU on any of Your friend system.
In this situation you just need to get login to your friend system and go to Syatem option at the top.
Click on it a drop down menu will appear than go to administration .
A new menu will open choose "create USB start up disk".
It will ask to choose your USB drive, select your desire USB and follow the instruction.
Once entire process is completed restart your system.
Go to boot manager and change the booting option to boot from the USB you just created.

Hope this will work for you if not let me I will suggest you another way for creating the live USB.

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