Installing Linux on an iMac



I posted this on a couple of other forums I frequent and wanted to share here.

I finally managed to get Linux (Mint 18) installed on my iMac. An iMac A1418 21.5" Desktop - ME086LL/A (2013) to be precise.

Getting Linux on it was a bear but worth the trouble. I started off following a youtube tutorial but about half way through it the commands he was running was bombing for me. Fortunately I found a tool (Mac Linux USB Loader) that helped me finish the job. The current tool has a few distros it can download and prepare automatically, including Zorin, Ubuntu and Mint 17.3, but you can also start the process with the tool and during step 2 of the process point it to an iso you downloaded. In my case Mint 18.

On my particular Mac Linux is SO much snappier than OS X El Capitan was.

Below is a link to a video I used to get me started. I used the video tips for installing REFINED and disabling SIP, then used the MAC Linux USB Loader tool for the rest. Someone else may be able to follow the video all the way through. Just didn't all work for me.



I installed Ubuntu 19.* on my MacMini 2009

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