Installing a TFTP server on Linux


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Jun 1, 2018
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I have been using handful of commands on several flavours of Linux on jumpboxes in Enterprises where I have worked before, but Do not think that is enough to go about installing a TFTP server.

I work in a small company and so if I can make one without the cost of licensing overhead would be better..

How to go about calculating the storage required...

I am starting by creating the server first on my virtual machine which has Ubuntu following this link :

I would be glad for any pointer that I may receive from the Aces here,

Many thanks and kind regards,

Hi @Tandra, and welcome! I'm no server ace (or any kind of ace, really)... but hopefully someone with more knowledge and experience will give you some advice. I'd actually never even heard of Trivial FTP before, so that was new even though I've used standard FTP clients since forever. But the lack of login credentials and lack of error correction with UDP would be enough to scare me away.

Is your goal primarily file transfers? Would not a standard ftp server or NAS be better? Good luck on your project! :D


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