Install Zoom Client on Ubuntu 20.04


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Hello Dear Members,

Zoom is the most useful application for video conferencing and meetings. Zoom has seen a huge increase in downloads in India since quarantines and lockdowns were imposed to control the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country. Using the following command you can install zoom client on Ubuntu 20.04.

sudo snap install zoom-client

Hope this will help you to install Zoom Client on Ubuntu 20.04.

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Snap, yuck. It is also possible to download and install a perfectly good working Zoom, from Zoom. It works well on my Kubuntu 18.04.


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I prefer using the website to get the zoom client at first, then use the zoom client update button to update the software, (which will download the latest DEB package of the Zoom Meeting Client) to install via Terminal (GDEBI or DPKG) or via the GUI using the software center.
Here is a quick tutorial video i've made on Ubuntu 20.04:
NB: The Zoom Meeting Client on GNU/Linux or their Web Client do not support Language Translation feature, you will need to help yourself by using your Smartphone/Tablet or a Windows VM machine, if your webcam works correctly on your VM.

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