Install Windows and Linux on one PC


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Hi everyone. I have the work where I sometimes come across with Linux Server systems, so I decided to learn and install Linux as second OS on my laptop. I read some books, download the Ubuntu, made a boot USB.

I have one SSD with Windows inside and HDD with data and free space for Linux, also have BIOS, not UEFI and MBR partition table on disks.

I made all like in the instructions, made partiotion with mount point "/" and "/home", tap on Install, it show up an error about partition /efi, tap on continue. The Ubuntu install with no errors, it ask me to reboot for finish, I tap on it.

In shedule first is HDD, and when laptotp is starting happens nothing, just black screen, when i tryed boot from SSD it show up the grub which offer solution for recovery windows loader.



I tryed to take out SSD and install Ubuntu on HDD, install with no errors, all great, ubuntu is starting well, but when I take in SSD back the error is repeats.

In what may be the problem and what can I do to fix it up.
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