Install Mint on HP Stream 11 (installation advice)

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Jean-Francois Bourdeau

I was having a hard time make Ubuntu work on my new HP Stream 11 ( 32 gig hard drive, memory drive) and saw some post of Mint user who successsfully did it

what advice do you have that could help me ?
I am using the 64 bits installer
I tried booting from the USB 3 port or normal USB port on the right
BIOS Secure Boot or not
BIOS Legacy mode or not
UEFI or LEGACY boot order (does it have an impact ? )

I was able to boot once from a USB bootable stick, but for now I can't repeat the experience...

The farther I went is choose Linux Mint at the boot menu ( tried compatiblity mode too), and am stuck with a Mint logo...

Now I can't even reach the boot menu to start mint

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