[info] How to fix Firefox/Discord/Telegram/etc crashing after resuming from suspend to RAM


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Feb 25, 2019
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Here's another info topic from me, sharing my experience how to fix this and that (in this case a program crash) about which you won't find much or any information on the internet.

Nowadays many programs by default use or have the option to use hardware acceleration and for the most part it works fine. Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, Discord and even Telegram have the option to use GPU hardware acceleration, I think Thunderbird has it too. And usually it works fine. But sometimes you may encounter the program(s) crashing 10-15 seconds after you have resumed from suspend to RAM, also known as "sleep". I have enough RAM to run ALL the apps and games I have simultaneously, put the system to sleep and still have 12 GB RAM to spare. For this reason I tend to just put the computer to sleep with everything that is currently running (except for SMPlayer, that's a little tricky there) and usually that means Telegram for Desktop, Firefox, Discord and a few other programs, so it's more likely for me to encounter problems when waking the system up.
And recently Discord started to crash shortly after I have awoken the computer up. I did a lot of search and ofc I found nothing. The support team of Discord turned out to be almost as "useful" as the support of Microsoft and you all know what that means... :D And since Discord doesn't create logs anywhere to read, I started looking for ways to fix it on my own. I'll spare you the boring details of my searches. Eventually it turned out the problem wasn't Discord at all. In this case Discord was simply a "collateral damage", so to speak. The culprit was libva (which AFAIK is Intel's child) and for some reason it can't recognize the GPU driver when you wake the system up. Since it can't recognize the GPU driver, it crashes which leads to Discord attempting to restart itself (not successfully, though, so it simply crashes too).

Bottom line is: if you encounter such a crash with any of your programs when resuming from suspend, run the program and check its settings for "hardware acceleration" option and if it's enabled - disable it.

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