Incremental file synchronization scheduling on Linux?


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I'm thinking of switching to Linux and looking at the software that I'm using on Windows currently. Is there any efficient way (preferably with a GUI) to schedule incremental backups of sets of files and folders on Linux locally? Backing up some files and folders from D to E, from F to G, etc.


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I should probably ask have you investigated any options so far, and have you discounted any, and which?

G'day @movelinux and welcome to :)

Most Linux Distros (distributions) have a backup solution installed (GUI almost always) and some share the same one.

For example Déjà Dup, used by Ubuntu, Linux Mint and a number of others.

Some Distros have a Snapshot facility that can be set for similar sorts of functionality.

And for System Restore, there is Timeshift, and Backintime. These can be expanded on to cover your Home folder/partition.

Be aware that with Linux, you will not be dealing with

D to E, from F to G
but with Devices such as /dev/sda, /dev/sdb, etc.

Ask away.


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