increased Java GCs since using CentOS 8


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Jul 8, 2020
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we have a strange behaviour on a new Machine since using CentOS 8.

We use a Java Software that depends on Java 8. Before using CentOS 8, the Software was running (fine) on a Centos 5.11 Server (VMware virtual Machine). Since it is now running on CentOS 8, i noticed an increase of garbage collections in the morning that can only be resolved by restarting the Software (without a restart the GCs are so frequently that the software is ultimately not running anymore).

After the restart in the morning, the Software is running without Problems for the rest of the day.

The Java Software was not changed. It is configured exactly the same as on the old Server (copy & paste). The Java Version is the same (1.8.0_31 - installed from the same rpm Package). The VMServer running below the VM is the same. Also the "load" on the Software is the same as before. The only thing that changed is, that it is now CentOS 8 instead of 5.11.

I am now trying to figure out, what in CentOS 8 would cause this sudden change in behaviour and i am hoping that one of you can help me with an idea or two.

Thank you and best regards