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Oct 18, 2019
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where I disappeared to. COVIC19 has nothing on me. I'm now busy chasing a kidney stone out of my system. I always was the odd man out.

oh, darl ... saw the other message the other day and did not make the time to read

red-faced wizard, but it is not about me

how are you doing and what is the prognosis?

bewt wishes (not a typo - bewt in aussie means beautiful)

Thanks for you wishes and concerns, Wiz. I'm taking less pain medicine now so that must mean I'm getting better. But I still have pain and I don't even know what that means. My stone is so small (2mm) that my Dr can't believe I haven't passed it already. At this point, I'm just lazing around, waiting for the COVID stuff to calm down. But not energetic enough to start anything new with Tina, here. by the way, how's the shoulder coming?
Thanks, Captain, but I can't use apple cider vinegar due to a medication I take. I'm drinking lots of fluids , though. gurgle, gurgle.
OH? Are you suffering from kidney stones also? Or are you just suffering the quarantine?
being serious for a second there are contraindications for some substances and medicines but ..
what shocked me is I have to show a consultant doctor in a hospital my wife's tonsillitis and to a doctor I have to give them a metaphor about gangrene and epilepsy.
It's certainly a wake-up call when you have to educate the physician!
well barbiturates don't mix with alcohol but some things they come out with just shows institutional thinking and how brain washed they are in hosptials
Sadly, so true.
its also worrying when a hosptial has on its database something concerning my wife that never happened.
That's really bad! Something similar happened to me, Don'd know how it got on there, but not making me happy.
cidar vinegar is mildly acidic unlike your stomach which has HCL ; so lets consider the logic you can't take a medicine with a mild acid but it goes down to your stomach where hydrochloric acid is routine. Explain the logic to me ?
Need I say? There is none. But I've had too many tummy troubles to push it.
amen to that :D

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