Implement 2FA in Linux Servers


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Any idea is appreciated.

Our current Linux server system contains different user (i.e. env1, env2, env3, until env20) which requires to start a specific applications. All these applications communicate to each other.

Now, we want to implement 2FA (with physical token) but we want to retain above system setup because we dont want to change so much.

Note: in current system, multiple Staff can login to same env1/2/3/... at the same time.

Im thinking if it is possible to just add a top layer user like staffuser1with 2FA integrated (token). After staffuser1 is login, then it is now possible to go to env1/2/3/.. (without 2FA) to start the applications.

It will be the same if mainuser2 login too with 2FA. can access env1/2/3/.. without 2FA.

This also means when ssh’ing, Staff cant login to env1/2/3 without logging in to mainuser1 or 2 first.

thank you

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