Image viewer that lets me filter by exif tag?


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I have a bunch of images that I want to view in a image viewer of some sort.

Using exiftool, I’ve added a comma separated list of keywords to each image’ description meta attribute. Something like “keyword1,keyword2,keyword3”.

I have been looking for an image viewer that will let med quickly search or filter the images by letting me search the keywords, like you would normally use the file name. I’ve tried nomacs and many others, but haven’t found one that works yet. Any tips?


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This thread might give you some guidance, still using exiftool.

ImageMagick has a command line tool called "identify" that might help too. This article briefly describes both identify and exiftool uses.

Sorry, both of these are command line methods. I guess you'd need to use them in conjunction with the viewer of your choice. But the command line would indeed let you quickly search and filter a folder full of images based on keywords captured by grep.

You know, I wonder about IrfanView.... I have not used that program for ages, but it was very powerful for bulk resizing, renaming, and converting formats. It's a Windows program, but perhaps it would run in Wine, if it would parse the metadata as you wish. If the native program isn't capable, it might be available in their plugin package.

Good luck!
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