Im looking for a light weight-easy to use distro


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Sep 13, 2021
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So my mums laptop was really slow, i installed Debian 11 on it but its still pretty slow. She accepted it but told me that its feels different and that she doesnt like it because its hard. I even made a script that would make installing software easier, but she still doesnt like it because its slow and hard to use.

So basically first thing, it has to be easy to use, something with a build in store maybe.

Second thing, it has to run on a laptop with these specs:
-Intel Celeron N4000
-Intel UHD 600 Graphics
-4GB 2133Mhz LPDDR4
-No ehternet just wifi (if the installation requires a internet connection, i can install it on my pc and put the ssd back into the laptop)
-256GB Kingston SSD
-1920x1080 60hz Display

Which desktop are you using with Debian 11? If it's gnome then try it with XFCE4 or KDE. That should speed it up some. You may want to give MX-linux a try with the XFCE4 or KDE desktop. By simple we would need some additional information on exactly what she may be looking for. All linux Distros pretty much store files in the home folder somewhere.
Its running KDE Plasma because i know how to use it and wanted to make it as similar to Windows as possible.

To your second question, she has difficulties installing and managing software.
Pretty much every distro has some sort of GUI software manager from which you can install any of the software in the repos.
Keep it Simple. Your Mum has said what she dislikes...So fix that

Linux Mint with the Mate desktop environment.

Latest version...supported until 2025

EASY to use.....very 'windows like' in appearance

Lots of support....LOTS. Software is stored in the Software Manager....accessed via the Menu

(Question!....which software is she needing?)...This is important!

Download to a usb and BOOT the pc to the usb

Get your Mum to try it out (dont install it just yet) That includes installing some software from the Software Manager

If she has a smile on her face....install it.

If she doesnt, try something else...Linux Lite is very good.
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Xfce Desktop and Windows 7 - looks pretty similar
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Try Lubuntu. Use less of 400 MB RAM and is fast.
Software may be installed in a utility much simple to use.
Look how LXQT remember XP.

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