I'm getting Illegal instruction (core dumped) error



I'm trying build Kakadu in linux. I have compiled Kakadu distribution on Ubuntu 12.04Lts 64bit successfully. But when I try to run kdu_compress I get "Illegal instruction (core dumped)" error and the application stops. But same distribution is successfully compiled and ran on windows system. Is it due to incompatible OS version or problem with the application? Can anyone help me to resolve it? I'm using Kakadu 7.3.2 and the command I use is

kdu_compress -i /home/mywork/input.bmp -o /home/mywork/output.jp2 -rate 1.0



What applications specifically are you using? Off the top of my head it looks like a platform mis-match as the kernel can't make sense of the instructions it is being sent. From their website (in the Downloads section):

Note: these do not include the "kdu_show" application, which involves some platform dependent code.
Unfortunately, I'd be very suprised if anyone on this forum has experience with that software since its proprietary and pricy, but who know.

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