I'm curious. Where is everybody from?

Flight to Ghana now September,will be taking bag of soil with me which will put at a spot Accra will put British flag on it and every morning will stand to salute and state " There some corner of a foreign field that is forever forever North East England, why I pet! "
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When people ask where I'm from I say "My mommas xxxx". Then they say, where after that. I say a hospital
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I can't believe I'm communicating with people around the world! But thats technology.


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New South Wales (Australia).
On the coast or over the other side of the great dividing range.
Novacastria is my natal city!
currently UK but should be going out there with "Trouble and Strife"
Cockney rhyming slang "wife" who happens to be an Asante from kumasi ( i'm an honary Asante according to Ohene palace )