I'm back from Ring 0..... :)


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Hey guys... I'm back. I've been away for a while, ever since COVID-19 decided to dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/humans .... I've been focusing more on Jumping Jacks, Meditation, and Mysticism, and the occasional Programming. :) And NetBSD STILL won't work with my HP EliteBook 8470p... I got a 2TB HDD to put into the Laptop's Upgrade Bay as a secondary slot, which you can take out the CD-ROM Drive and put in a similar part, but it doesn't eject (why would you physically eject an internal, mounted Drive in the first place?) .... :) Because of my Autism, so being alone doing my own thing is my specialty. :) Mom got me some games on Steam, and I helped my friend/client out with her Kubuntu installation. :) She said I should charge per hour during call sessions. So she's sending me 55 Dollars... It's not much to many, but to me, if I have a 10 Dollar Bill, it seems like a lot to me, as a million Dollars would seem like a lot to a middle-working-class person. :) How are you all?... I hope no one checked out while I was away.....

Sent from my Commodore 64.

Oh, and here's a smug face of Panty, from Panty And Stocking with Garterbelt, an Anime I like. :) I like Panty. :D Bye for now.....


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G'day Adam, nice to see you are alive and well :)


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