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I'm a beginner to Linux and was wondering how to get past bit locker blue screen? I may have been on a vm with WSL and now can't access my account.

The best way is to wipe the drive and start over although I know a few who have used this and have had success.

Good Luck.
This is a Windows problem. You may have triggered a change in the boot sequence of your computer, and Bitlocker is triggered due to how Secure Boot works.

If you're seeing the Windows blue screen for unlocking your drive after a reboot, you have to supply the recovery key.

This is something that either you have in your Microsoft account, or in a file copied and stored somewhere.

That blue screen should tell you: (1) what microsoft web page to go to in the form of a shortened url that begins with "aka.ms" (potentially you'll have to use your phone or another computer, as your computer is locked) and (2) how to identify the key you need to type.
first of all GET RID OF BITLOCKER. it is trouble waiting to happen. In fact you are already seeing issues. Remove it in windows and wait for the time it takes to undo the bitlocker garbage. Once you get rid of that useless thing you will have a much easier time with everything including linux. Or if you are just replacing windows do not worry about it. just delete the partition and install linux. bitlocker has nothing to do with linux.