If you're using Arch and you're missing Metacity, now you can have it back


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Feb 25, 2019
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As you probably know/remember, the team of Linux Mint (the same team that develops Cinnamon) removed the support of metacity from version 5.4.0. Before that it was available in version 5.2.7 and lower. Aside from the other bugs they introduced with Cinnamon 5.4.0, the main horror was the missing metacity (which used to allow changing the titlebar), thus gnomifying Cinnamon (altough the Mint team denies that).
Back then I tried to downgrade Cinnamon but my attempt failed and now I know why. The AUR package named "downgrade" (you need trizen to install that package) downloads gods know what, thus leading to a non-working DE after the reboot. So I tracked down every single relevant package of 5.2.7 and used the local upgrade function (or in this case - local downgrade) of pacman.

So, you're using Arch, you're unhappy with what they did to Cinnamon and wish metacity back, now you can have it and it will work this time. This package contains all the relevant files and versions you'll need along with the proper pacman command to make it happen:


After everything is completed, you'll have to reboot.

I know the screenshot is in a language the most of you can't even read, but I'm sure you'll recognize the option that is currently missing from the "Themes" window. Also, I could have cropped the screenshot but somewhere along the way someone told me 5.2.7 wouldn't work with kernel 6.x which I never believed, so the screenshot includes conky to prove that 5.2.7 works just fine with kernel 6.x.


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