i3wm have low performance in Debian 10


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Apr 17, 2020
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Usually i uses xfce in Debian and its performance is more than good ! is excellent, however i am data scientist and i3wm for me is more suitable for work! (LaTeX, Python, R....) all in a desktop and install from scratch Debian 10 and install i3wm and for instance firefox could consume up to 1 GB of RAM, i am new linux and still i can understand why!

Firefox using 1Gb of RAM has nothing to do with the WM. That's probably just firefox being firefox. Web browsers nowadays seem to use an excessive amount of RAM regardless of the WM/DE.

I haven't used i3wm for a number of years - but I can't imagine that i3 would have any serious problems. i3 is an extremely lightweight wm.

If it’s any help - I use DWM on Debian (my system was installed via the Debian minimal net installer) and I've had no problems whatsoever with performance!

i3 is a fork of wmii, which in turn, is based on dwm.

dwm is extremely minimalist though. It isn’t for everybody!
thanks, for yor reply, i did not know that firefox consume so much ( repeat that i new in linux ( in the uses of OS), but in comparation with xfce, i3 takes more longer time to launch the applications and without anyone application consume around 350 MB, it can be for the drivers? or some configuration is bad?

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