i3 vs i3 gaps


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Good morning Gents/Ladies.

Recently I'm playing with i3 and i3 gaps.

Firstly I downloaded i3 for an Arch distro which is running in my VM. I downloaded with pacman from main repos.
Secondary I downloaded i3 -gaps-next-git for another Arch distro which is also running in my VM. I downloaded with yay from AUR.
Here is my question: both ~/.config files are identical. In i3-gaps I add following lines:
#set gaps
gaps inner 10
gaps outer 10
gaps horizontal 10
gaps vertical 10
gaps top 10
gaps right 10
gaps bottom 10
gaps left 10

and is working perfect but when I tried same in i3, an error appear during boot and prompted me to correct my ~/.confing file.
What is the difference what is not allow me to do the same configuration in i3 config file? What is the differences between them?

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