I want a raspberry pi 4 + web server + nas +raid 1 + PERSONAL MAIL SERVER + VPN


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Mar 25, 2021
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I brought myself an 8GB raspberry pi 4 with a view to put all of the above on my raspberry pi. So far I have OMV up and running and installed apache. Now all I need to do is get it up on the web. I also have a problem with connecting my 2 480GB WD green SSD's to The pi. I finally got both drives to show up on the disks tab of OMV by plugging both drives into a powered aux hub USB-C HOWEVER when I go to the file systems tab of OMV only dev/sdb can be mounted. The only other ext4 disk (which I am guessing is dev/sda) shows a nonsensical device name and says that it is missing !! Im kinda at my wits end folks so anything you guys/gals can do to help would be appreciated



Strange indeed. Since both hard disk are identical should appeared both on your OMV WUI. Did you try to plug them direct on your Pi?
Strange indeed. Since both hard disks is identical should appear both on your OMV WUI. Did you try to plug them directly on your Pi?
Hi CptCharis, yes the SSD's are both connected to the USB3 ports via USB-SATA cables.

I now have both SSD's showing up on OMV WUI, but I can't get them to raid 1 because OMV won't let you have USB3 as part of a raid (too unreliable apparently).
I have tried using mdadm, again with no luck as mdadm tells me that that sda1 is busy (WTF!!)
You can use alternative apps TrueNAS for example is a really reliable alternative but do you really need raid ? I don’t think so.
In case of an unexpected failure raid is not an plug and play disk. If I was on your shoes I would cron an rsync command between this two external disks.
Think about it.

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