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I think I'm being peer pressured into using Linux.

Sep 27, 2018
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Everyone around me uses it. And when I go to r/linuxmasterrace I only see windows hate.

Then, don't go there....
then dont listen to the haters. Find a Linux lovers place !

Seeing you love Linux....the haters have no chance at all !!
Garden, you are 18 and impressionable, and nobody needs peer pressure. We have all been there, even though the contributors so far are all aged 62+ and old enough to be your grandfather. :)

I cannot tell you about your own Croatia, obviously, but some things are the same globally.

reddit.com has its uses, some information/news, some useful guides and tips. But I just took a look at


and they do not do Linux any favours.

My friends here might agree about the difference between tabloid newspapers and broadsheet newspapers.

One is relevant, well-researched and informative/educational, the other is trashy, sensationalist, and features a buxom (usually blonde) woman on page 3.

r/linuxmasterrace ? You work it out.

A psychiatrist I had for 13 years reinforced what a psychologist had told me earlier - if you are under pressure and about to panic / have a meltdown ... exit the situation.

Works for me.


Everyone around me uses it. And when I go to r/linuxmasterrace I only see windows hate.

There are plenty of little control freaks running about, desperately trying to be the big bad bully, and you will be running into them where ever you go. Learn to deal with it. Reddit, Facebook & Twitter are magnets for these creatures. The silly r/linuxmasterrace is not the only game in town. Find a better place.

If you get to my age you will understand that the opinions of others are meaningless, as is what is cool or not cool. No one can peer-pressure you into anything unless you let them, and no one can bully you unless you let them. It always takes at least two to tango. Now is the time to learn self-confidence and those skills necessary so you can eventually stand up for yourself. You need to decide whether you will go through life on your own terms, or as the doormat of others.

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