I think I'm being peer pressured into using Linux.


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Then, don't go there....


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then dont listen to the haters. Find a Linux lovers place !

Seeing you love Linux....the haters have no chance at all !!


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Garden, you are 18 and impressionable, and nobody needs peer pressure. We have all been there, even though the contributors so far are all aged 62+ and old enough to be your grandfather. :)

I cannot tell you about your own Croatia, obviously, but some things are the same globally.

reddit.com has its uses, some information/news, some useful guides and tips. But I just took a look at


and they do not do Linux any favours.

My friends here might agree about the difference between tabloid newspapers and broadsheet newspapers.

One is relevant, well-researched and informative/educational, the other is trashy, sensationalist, and features a buxom (usually blonde) woman on page 3.

r/linuxmasterrace ? You work it out.

A psychiatrist I had for 13 years reinforced what a psychologist had told me earlier - if you are under pressure and about to panic / have a meltdown ... exit the situation.

Works for me.



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