I think I must be re-joining


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I see this site had a "purge" a while ago and I think I was a member once, before that. I'm fairly experienced, using Linux since c2005, mostly Debian derivatives, and now on Devuan with KDE, LXDE and headless on various PCs around the house (WIndows at work). I have a small game website.


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G'day @Lucan and a welcome (back) to linux.org :)

I am likely a new addition since you were here last, as my fellow Aussie mate Brian @Condobloke and I joined 1 May 2017, a week after the reorganisation.

Being from "The Old Dart", you may be catching zzz's by now, but I see you are active already, so I will take a look, and catch you around.


Chris Turner


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G'day Lucan...Welcome back !

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