I search an Alternative Microsoft Teams for Linux


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Mar 13, 2021
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Hi, do you know Microsoft Teams?

It's à Multimedia Hub for teambuilding and project managing software, I search an free linux equivalent, do you know it?

If no, Dear great community, it's a big tools to develop on Linux, have fun :).

Hello @Scribibis

I'm not sure what you've meant by "linux equivalent" - as in an entire new open-source thing (?), but the only free alternative I can think of is Google. Even if Google Workspace is a paid service, all those things like Docs, Drive, Meet, Chat are for free and can do the job on focused teamwork.

I use MSTeams on linux (Elementary) while working but that's only because I'm obliged and also there's someone else paying for it :)
Do you mean alternative Microsoft Teams client, if so I use this one and if you are talking about chat server have a look at rocketchat or matrix.

Thank's for answers.

I don't want google, it's same of Microsoft, I prefer a real alternatif not gived by "big data" Or "big brother", I know teams is available on Linux but I prefer found other things. And in my last job (6 month ago), we used Teams and is a (excuse me for expression) big shit, lot of freeze, bug, disconnect from the server, can't open file, big latence in update for information ... No, definitely not, I don't want to use Teams for my project.

Element is a chat, I need a virtual workspace who can upload and exchange some file, organize withexcel document etc, I think's Discord is better than element for that :/

hum I'm open to any suggestion, thank's all for all your answer at this time, is cool :)
You can probably find all those features - just not in one single suite. You'd probably have to piece them together. There are surely opensource variants for any of those features you need, but you'll have to pick and choose to find them.

This increases training costs and will likely increase the costs to maintain it. If this isn't in a company, those costs are translated as time for you and your users.

It's something I've been noticing in the official Ubuntu product's infrastructure. It is made up of disparate parts, with feature overlap and many people maintaining the varied software throughout it. From their bug tracker to Phab, from their forums to their SSO, to their ISO tracker to their wiki - and then the varied wikis of the official flavors. It takes a ton of work and coordination.
You probably right, I make the same reflexion, maybe is more reasonable to take different independant soft because found a suit with all the features is always not free.