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I have a toshiba laptop with 2.1ghz intel celeron 750mb ram and intel extreme graphics. I need help finding a linux revision the most compatible with this system I want to be able to develop and have an average computer use also. I tried the ubuntu linux line and many others.

The question is more likely: "What do you want to develop?"
In my view, the biggest issue in selecting a distro for any purpose but especially for development, is the size and content of the repository.

I prefer Fedora. It has lots of development tools including gcc cross compilers ready to use in the repository for the MinGW32 (Windows), AVR, MSP430, and ARM platforms. There's also QEMU emulators for ARM, CRIS, M68K, MIPS and SH4 processors, plus various other emulators for even some obscure platforms.
Just curious. By develop do you mean, write programs? Or do you mean, expand your use of the operating system?
That's why i asked what are you going to develop. When your starting developing Web Techonliege like PHP, you just need a good Server. Also Perl/Python/Bash can still running quite well on the system. Buy when you start making Java/C it can become complicated.

So that is the matter: What you going to develop?

so far
I would use Ubuntu netbook edition as it will be more low end. It would probably support the normal version actually, so you could try that. Another one you could try would be Linux Mint, which I have never used

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