I need serious help in general hardware problem ..



Hello everyone ,

I am Linux newcomer and I really like Gun/Linux environment I would like to use it as primary "basic" OS ,but the problem that I have is in hardware because I have a laptop with a lot of non free hardware ...

So, please check my laptop details in attachment below and let me know if there any way to I can use as much as I can of my laptop resources Or if there any distribution cloud give full performance , I prefer the one that considered as privacy and security distribution.

your kindly help is highly appreciated ..
sorry for my poor English ..




From looking at the details you posted, you have a fairly high-end laptop. The hardware looks as if it should be well supported on Linux, I don't think there is anything particularly awkward in any of the spec.

It looks like your machine uses the Nvidia Optimus system, using two graphics cards (one Intel and one Nvidia). That could require a little bit of work to set up, but shouldn't be too bad. Fortunately for you, one of the other users here (ryanvade) has posted a great tutorial on how to get Optimus working (via Bumblebee) on Linux with instructions for Debian, Red-hat/Fedora and Arch based systems:

Other than that, the rest of your hardware looks like it should be pretty well supported.

I have an Intel i3 based laptop which uses Optimus (but with a lower spec Nvidia card than your machine). I also have Ralink wireless, which works with no problems under Linux too. So your i7 system should be absolutely fine from what I can see!

I'm currently running Kubuntu 14.04 on my i3 machine, with no problems whatsoever. As for which distro you should go for.... Well that's entirely up to you!

At the end of the day all Linux distros contain pretty much the same thing under the hood. The only real differences between distros are:
1. The default package management system (apt/aptitude, rpm, yum, yast, pacman etc)
2. The default login-manager/desktop/GUI (Unity, Gnome, KDE, LXDE, XFCE, Cinnamon etc.)
3. The default set of programs that ship with the distro.

As far as safety and security goes, pretty much any Linux distro is as good as any other.

That said, there are a handful of specialist distros like Damn Vulnerable Linux, which deliberately contain tons of broken, outdated, badly-configured, vulnerable software. Used to teach people how to exploit unpatched servers. These are extremely insecure and unsafe..... Heh heh! XD

But other than deliberately insecure distros like that, most desktop Linux operating systems are pretty much as good as any other. There really isn't that much difference!

Personally, I'd say download the .iso's for a few different distros and burn 'em to CD/DVD and try their live environments and see which one you like best. Once you've found a distro you like, install it and off you go!


I would suggest perhaps robolinux as well. It is targeted to those new to linux and based on debian. You can even install an addon that will let you run windows if you need to.


I really appreciate your help and your clear replay thank you so much ...

I'm going to try to install some Linux distributions and give you feedback ..


By the way my laptop is HP ENVY 17 J050ex ,but I forget to mention that sorry :(

Christina Campell

thanks for the wonderful solution as i was too seeking the similar answer.

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