I need Help with entering my Keyword in this console


My Question ist:
I've installed on a Medion Akoya device e7420 the distribution "Neptune"-
With the ARK File extractor i Put this *.deb Files &the Rest in a correct Form in the Home-directory.now i'm in the DEBS Folder &entered the command:
-sudo dpkg -i *.deb
But i have to entered my User password,and this is Not possible.
The console doesn't accept nothing i could only Press the Return-key
Thank you when anyone can Help


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Um, I'm not sure 100% on what you're asking, but if it is about the password prompt, it is meant to be invisible for security... Just type your password and press Enter.

Side note: You should really be using APT instead of just installing debs directly since APT tracks packages and dependencies, thus avoiding conflicts/breakage most of the time. Installing software outside the official repos or using dpkg directly is not recommended for new users.


I can describe this exactly:
I downloaded the File called
&The ARK Software can extract this to the Home directory/de
I think i need this, because Neptune ist a deb-based distribution?
If i tried to enter in the subfolder DEBS this Order:"sudo dprk -i *.deb"-after this Match i'm sorry but really i have no Chance to enter my User password.only If i Press Return,and at the following-sure for a des Seconds i could use command,but after 3-4sec.
Mistake try again please
I really don't know what i have to do


Excuse me,my mistake you've written,that the Password ist invisible.
Now i Finish this,and don't have any Other problems!
And why IT IS forbidden to Put any Files (Paste)in the opt Folder?


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And why IT IS forbidden to Put any Files (Paste)in the opt Folder?
From the looks of things, they solved your password issue and that is resolved.

This is a new question - and probably should have been a new thread. (One question/problem per thread is the ideal here.)

Anyhow, *you* can't put any files in /opt because your account doesn't have the rights to put files there. Use 'sudo' or root to access that folder. For example, in your terminal, enter:

sudo <file_manager>
As we have no idea what distro you're using and what software you have, we don't know what file manager you're using. Anyhow, opening the file manager with 'sudo' will let you drag and drop 'til your heart's content. Be careful not to break stuff.

You can also learn to use the 'mv' command and use 'sudo mv foo /opt/foo' or the likes.
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