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Mar 16, 2021
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Hi, i am newbies on linux and i try to install multiple secure linux operating systems on a usb stick and no one work same debian jesssie. i use a thinkpad laptop and when i try to boot them it make weird bugs or boot in text mode.

Are you verifying the downloaded .iso files and how are you writing those files to USB?

The 'weird bugs' or 'boot in text mode' aren't really all that helpful without knowing more details about these bugs or what you mean when you say text mode - is it an interactive text mode, asking you to login, or?

We can probably help you, but you're going to have to help us help you.
with most debian distros i got in text mode login and i remember it show "tyll" on the prompt.
I am still waiting for you to answer my questions.
Yes, i check all the iso and writing them to usb with rufus or etcher. The text mode was interactive asking for login with ttyl in the prompt.
How are you checking the iso? Are you verifying the checksum?

While you're doing this, can you get the real text from the screen? It's almost certainly not "tyll".
How are you checking the iso? Are you verifying the checksum?

While you're doing this, can you get the real text from the screen? It's almost certainly not "tyll".
Depending on the distro - it seems I remember some which would put the user at -
tty1 - that's tee tee why one @Babylinux002

It would really help to know exactly which distro we are talking about other than "multiple secure linux operating systems" and "most debian distros".
as @Babylinux002 says. First, let us know the distro you are trying to install. If you are new to linux, I would recommend to choose a distro with graphical interface for installation. Debian is cool but depending on the reasons you want linux, I would recommend Fedora, Ubuntu or Centos.

Do this:
- Download the distro in iso format,
- Confirm the checksum if the iso
- Format you usb to FAT32
- make your USB drive bootable with the ISO image (I personally prefer dd command instead of rufus)
- Boot your PC.
- Share pictures of the errors
I try again to install Pentoo and wait 4h for nothing as it again boot in prompt mode login. It said
Welcome to pentoo powered by..
pentoo login:
I am seriously confused.
it do this with most debian distros including jessie, but not with parrot that was working find before and just decide to work first boot and completelty crash out after. Maybe somthing mess up in my computer, but i don't know what.
booting multiple Linux OSes from a USB stick is tricky with many bad combinations possible.
Most solutions are destructive to data already on USB stick
I've been trying Ventoy [destructive, poor persistant support], and MultibootUSB
MBUSB so far for me has worked on
BionicPuppy 32or 64 [high recommended OS great for recovery as well]
PartedMagic 2015 [$11] top recovery OS
Kali [cant remember what version]
gparted [quick partition manager resizer OS]
not: fossapuppy, MX19x, Ubuntu, clonezilla,

tip using MBUSB, create an extra FAT32 partition on USB stick just in case you put the stick into a windows machine, it wont want to reformat it

manual multiboot method
create a storage / save file area partition FAT32
create a few 6GB or more ext4 partitions on the USB
and install each OS .iso to each separate partition using unetbootin. mint, MX, kali, puppy ..
each partition will have their own boot manager.
to select what partition to be active
you'll need to run gparted and set that partition boot flag ON
I've been trying Ventoy [destructive, poor persistent support]

if you look at the Ventoy thread started by Jarret i show how to get persistence with Kali live.

i've got persistence working with debian-live-10.9.0-amd64-xfce+nonfree.iso and got persistence working with Mint 20 cinnamon. If you want several linux distro on a usb to play with, then click on install icon then , there is a wide choice neon-user-20210325-0946.iso etc check out list on Jarrets thread of linux distro that have been tested or go to ventoy.net