i need A lil help to find GPIO on the device


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Jun 18, 2020
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hey there everyone , totaly new here.
i received not long ago a rockhip chines dev board , it came with android installed on it, and some devices attached to it , leds,sensors,thermal sensor, camera ,relay and more. most of them are connected via gpio , some usb on the board

this is a IOT-3288X

since most the devices are connected via gpios is that the weird part for example are the gpio names, for example there is a led connected to multiple place on the board 1 led 3 colors , they are all under gpio_sw in /sys/class/gpio_sw/ . so instead of having a normal such as LEDWHITE it has totaly different names for example to turn on the white led i have to
"echo 1 > /sys/devices/platform/rk3288-extern-gpio/gpio_sw/WIFI_PW/data"
which make no sense, but i guess everything is messed up

so right now i am trying to understand which gpio is turning on a relay gate ,
i did checked the hardware pins on a chines manual and it seems that the relay is connected to pin 19 and 20 , however when i exported the pins to the /sys/class/gpio/export and then tried to changed the value of it, it did not work. i am at a stage that i am sitting on it for over 16h straight trying to figuring this out without any success
note that i even exported all 264 pins , and tried to change all of them to direction out , however the device crashed and restart , i tried to minimized it to 100 (batch of 100) than minimzed to 10, it carshed all the way, i tried also to change all the values to 1 (without the direction out, so gpio that are on out should've work) it did no changes , i tried to set the value to 0 (on all pins) nothing happen aswell.

when exporting the all the pins , some did not work (all the gpios pins in sys/kernel/debug/gpio could not be exported inside the gpio folder im not sure why , pehaps they are being used or already open/mounted? so how do i use them)

there is an app on the android , which allow me to change the relay more (normaly open, normaly close) (perhaps that can help idk)

any of u have an idea how can i determine what the app is controlling ?
of figuring out what gpio is that so i can turn on and off the relay on my command/demand ?

cat /sys/kernel/debug/gpio
GPIOs 0-23, platform/pinctrl, gpio0:
gpio-1   (                    |reset               ) out hi
gpio-3   (                    |rk3288 gpio         ) out hi
gpio-5   (                    |power               ) in  hi
gpio-11  (                    |rk3288 gpio         ) out lo
gpio-12  (                    |otg_drv_gpio        ) out hi
gpio-13  (                    |rk3288 gpio         ) out lo
gpio-14  (                    |vcc_host            ) out hi
gpio-17  (                    |rk3288 gpio         ) out hi
gpio-18  (                    |rk3288 gpio         ) out lo

GPIOs 24-55, platform/pinctrl, gpio1:

GPIOs 56-87, platform/pinctrl, gpio2:

GPIOs 88-119, platform/pinctrl, gpio3:

GPIOs 120-151, platform/pinctrl, gpio4:
gpio-127 (                    |mdio-reset          ) out hi
gpio-139 (                    |bt_default_rts      ) out lo
gpio-146 (                    |bt_default_wake     ) out hi
gpio-148 (                    |reset               ) out hi
gpio-149 (                    |bt_default_reset    ) out hi
gpio-151 (                    |bt_default_wake_host) out hi

GPIOs 152-183, platform/pinctrl, gpio5:
gpio-162 (                    |wiegand_d1          ) in  hi
gpio-163 (                    |wiegand_d0          ) in  hi

GPIOs 184-215, platform/pinctrl, gpio6:

GPIOs 216-247, platform/pinctrl, gpio7:
gpio-218 (                    |rk3288 gpio         ) out lo
gpio-219 (                    |vcc_lcd             ) out lo
gpio-220 (                    |rk3288 gpio         ) out hi
gpio-221 (                    |rk3288 gpio         ) out lo
gpio-222 (                    |rk3288 gpio         ) out hi
gpio-225 (                    |vcc_wl              ) out lo
gpio-226 (                    |rk3288 gpio         ) out hi
gpio-228 (                    |rk3288 gpio         ) out hi
gpio-229 (                    |rk3288 gpio         ) out lo
gpio-230 (                    |enable              ) out hi
gpio-231 (                    |headset_gpio        ) in  lo
gpio-237 (                    |rk3288 gpio         ) out hi

GPIOs 248-263, platform/pinctrl, gpio8:
gpio-248 (                    |mpu6500             ) in  lo
gpio-249 (                    |rk3288 gpio         ) out hi
gpio-250 (                    |recovey             ) in  hi
gpio-251 (                    |rk3288 gpio         ) out lo
gpio-257 (                    |enable              ) out hi

cat /sys/kernel/debug/pinctrl/pinctrl/gpio-ranges
GPIO ranges handled:
0: gpio0 GPIOS [0 - 23] PINS [0 - 23]
1: gpio1 GPIOS [24 - 55] PINS [24 - 55]
2: gpio2 GPIOS [56 - 87] PINS [56 - 87]
3: gpio3 GPIOS [88 - 119] PINS [88 - 119]
4: gpio4 GPIOS [120 - 151] PINS [120 - 151]
5: gpio5 GPIOS [152 - 183] PINS [152 - 183]
6: gpio6 GPIOS [184 - 215] PINS [184 - 215]
7: gpio7 GPIOS [216 - 247] PINS [216 - 247]
8: gpio8 GPIOS [248 - 263] PINS [248 - 263]

ls -lha /sys/class/gpio/
gpiochip0 -> ../../devices/platform/pinctrl/gpio/gpiochip0
gpiochip120 -> ../../devices/platform/pinctrl/gpio/gpiochip120
gpiochip152 -> ../../devices/platform/pinctrl/gpio/gpiochip152
gpiochip184 -> ../../devices/platform/pinctrl/gpio/gpiochip184
gpiochip216 -> ../../devices/platform/pinctrl/gpio/gpiochip216
gpiochip24 -> ../../devices/platform/pinctrl/gpio/gpiochip24
gpiochip248 -> ../../devices/platform/pinctrl/gpio/gpiochip248
gpiochip56 -> ../../devices/platform/pinctrl/gpio/gpiochip56
gpiochip88 -> ../../devices/platform/pinctrl/gpio/gpiochip88

(P.S, there is also a thermal sensor , that speaks via i2c, which again idk on what gpio is that so i can perhaps start to communicate with it)

any how thanks for the help , and please ask me anything ! , so i can try to help myself here.
i know maybe it seems abit non organized but i am after 20h of being awake :)

please guide me .

thanks !
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OP did you find the answer to your question? I have a SDK that will turn the lights on and off and do other stuff on the device. However, I'm trying to access the thermal camera on the device via the I2C. If you were able to do so I'm interested in your solution.