I mounted linux (DSL) to a disk but having issues



I mounted DSL to a disk and I have encountered a few errors. One error is that I'm not able to mount it to hard disk. Another reason is it does not work with my wireless card :( . But however, I willing to overlook this whole network error if I can play a few of my windows games. Is it possible to run these games on linux I know theres a way for mac osx to do it. I tried it on a mac at school and it was quite difficult to do. I don't know how I managed to do it but I was wondering if there was a way to run windows executables on linux because linux would make my games work with no or little lag it's practically half the reason I have linux on my mind is for a faster experience on the computer. Unfortunately I hadn't thought that installing this O.S would be so difficult. However, I think I will give Wubi installer a try later so I can see the functionality of it. I hope it works better than it's smaller compact cousin did for me. Yet I was very impressed with the features packed into DSL it would be quite amazing if I could run the web on it through a LAN cable which I do not have. I reccomend it for an experienced user, which I am in the middle of being. It is a lot different than windows xp or any version of windows for that matter. I think that Damn Small Linux deserves it's own support section somewhere since it's a seemingly worthwhile install yet very difficult to use without proper knowledge.If you guys know where I could get some web card drivers (wireless belkin usb) for DSL i would greatly appreciate the relief of frustration.

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